EcoArt Incubator

3 Sheets 4Drawing on the idea of technology or business incubators, Denise Kenney and Nancy Holmes established The Eco-Art Incubator. It is designed to provide support for eco art in the Okanagan valley by fostering a network of artists, collaborators, and contacts with the goals that Okanagan conservation programs will benefit, that UBC-O students will be trained in this growing field of fine arts, and that local artists and community members can participate in this growing area of art and ecological activism.

The Eco Art Incubator generates eco art in the Okanagan by providing a support system for research, production, documentation, and dissemination. Graduate and undergraduate students are linked with community artists, ecologists, activists, and scientists through a comprehensive series of Okanagan-based resources and projects. The students come from all the fine arts areas in which we have faculty expertise: visual arts, media arts, creative writing, and performance.

Our goal is to not simply generate a series of works of art, but to create case studies and models that can be used for future groups and art-makers. We want to target various kinds of issues, places, events, and ideas to create a model or toolbox for people down the road who want to work on similar issues, places, or events.

The Incubator will catalogue the work in The Recyclopedia, an open source digital archive of eco art projects that can be shared, recycled, and re-used for future projects, furthering the connection between artists, place, and past and ongoing projects. We will also create a “how-to” manual or book of case studies and we want partners to agree to participate if their project is chosen to be part of this book.

This project was funded through The Canada Council, SSHRC (Social Science and Humanities Research Council), and UBC Okanagan’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies.Eco Fession